My Little Reference Book on Islam

A Ramadan Activity for Kids

  • - Islamic and Arabic Arts and Architecture -A beautifully presented site dealing with the history and culture of Islamic art. The site explains in detail the historical and cultural significance of hundreds of Islamic and Arabic artifacts. The site is illustrated with photographs of dozens of works of art. These include calligraphy examples, rugs, Islamic shrines and buildings and tiny silver coins. The site could be viewed just for the aesthetics and nice web design alone.

  • - IslamCity in Cyberspace -Another well presented site. The theme is that of being of an Islamic city. One can visit areas like the virtual mosque and learn about Islamic architecture. A visit to the Radio station and you can download real-time lectures and recitations. The bookstore includes information where one can learn about different Islamic subjects. There is even a marketplace where you can buy Islamic merchandise.

  • -Muslim Scientists and Islamic Civilization -A very interesting site on Muslim contributions to the sciences, mathematics, technology, sociology, and philosophy. Often, these facts of history are ignored in textbooks and lesson plans unfairly. Their contributions are never studied or brought to the attention of students. The site includes biographies and many articles on the subject of Islam and science and Islamic civilization and its role in history.

  • - Muslim Women's Homepage -A detailed site on the topic and issues of Muslim Women. The many articles and resources break the usual stereotypes of the "passive, oppressed" Muslim woman. Subjects include Islam and feminism, women's liberation, gender equity, marriage, famous Muslim women, Islamic covering and Muslim women's organizations.

  • - The Islam Page -A site with comprehensive information on Islamic theology and issues. These include articles on the Quran, pamphlets, Islamic movements, holidays, prayer, life after death and Islamic countries.