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07/05/01 at 11:27:02
Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu.

When I was little my Grandmother used to sing Silent Night to me everynight before bed...and I am trying to carry on a similar tradition for my daughter.

Before bed I sing "I'll be there" to her. I've been doing this since she was an infant.

Is this permitted in Islam?

Jazakallahu Khair



Re: Singing
07/05/01 at 13:45:00
salam sis,
i think it would b permitted as long as its not sayin nething wrong!!!
but u can always try singing nasheeds to ur children:)

Re: Singing
07/05/01 at 14:22:29
asalaamu alaikum,

to children and stuff, I suspect it shouldn't be wrong right? Isn't it if the message is wrong, like I think "Silent Night" wouldn't be appropriate...

Isn't this one of those hotly debated Islamic topics?

Why not try to buy some Islamic childrens' tapes and togther learn some nice songs about the porphets and their stories or songs that praise Allah Subhana? just a tip. asalaamu alaikum. abdullah,.
Re: Singing
07/06/01 at 01:00:38
Asalamalaykum. Also try reciting to your children, with nice, sing song tarteel, the mu?awathatan (last 3 surahs), ayat al kursi, surat al Mulk, last two ayat of surat al baqarah and anything else the Prophet (sa) used to recite before going to sleep because not only will this sooth and lull them to sleep, it will also protect them throughout the night (with angels).      
Re: Singing
07/06/01 at 02:33:31

My mom used to sing me lullabies all the time! f :) that how you spell it?

Re: Singing
07/07/01 at 00:26:20

When you sing "I'll be there", maybe you could add "insha'Allah"... if
not loudly, at least in your mind.

Re: Singing
07/07/01 at 02:34:24

that's a good suggestion,

to Islamitize your childrens songs or secular songs so there's a message in them...

not only that, but when te child grows up and hears those songs in public, the message to Praise and Worship Allah Subhana will also be there. A.A. abdullah,.

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