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I read many of the quotations about your religion. very inspirational in most aspects. yet i am puzzled how this religion gives rise to terrorists and murderers committing horrendous actions all in the name of allah.obviously they must have gotten their inspiration from holy writings in your religion. where is the disconnect between the religion and these maniacal worshippers.

I would have to say that your comment is probably the biggest misconception people have about Islam. I don't know why you say "obviously they must have gotten their inspiration from holy writings in your religion". Islam is in fact a religion of peace and does not condone violence against innocent people. There are 1.2 billion Muslims in the world that are peaceful, God-conscious people. The fact that murder occurs all over the world and among all peoples just shows how far people are from God and from being responsible for their actions. I mean would you say since that Christian man killed someone he has "obviously gotten his inspiration from the holy writings in his religion." That doesn't make sense. I think the media tends to link Islam and terrorists and murderers continuously. You don't hear two Christian men just bombed the Oklahoma State building but you constantly hear two Mozlim men...blah blah.. even though the act they committed has nothing to do with Islam and in fact is against the very teachings of Islam. I think perhaps the media confuses the fact that Islam is a religion and not an ethnicity, so they always say mozlim etc etc... Anyways.. maniacal worshipers?? If we had these the world would be a much better place.. Imagine if everyone had God consciousness and tried to follow their teachings as much as they could. How peaceful life would be. I think a better word for them is maniacal non-worshipers. Anyway please read my article on the Top Ten Misconceptions about Islam located on the articles page.

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