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I found this message posted by a Hindu Ba*****, and it really disturbed me. I had this question in my mind long ago, and he really aggravated the thing. I don't understand why Islam promises houris to Men in Jannat and not any Male models to women. It really disturbs me. Although I am male, I feel very troubled because of this thing. I'm sending the entire aritcle (Bull S***). Could you please post a reply to this at Dejanews and send me one by email. I would really appreciate it.

To be honest I'm under an extreme amount of busy'ness at this time. I work full time and am traveling alot of the time. I also teach at mosque and work with the MSA here along with a host of other things. Nowadays I just read my email and don't respond to any of them, you can ask my friends even :) But since you seem to be really disturbed by this issue I thought I'd write back. I think that those who want to will take anything from Islam and write about it in a negative manner. They usually pick out one or two things, leaving out everything else. I would suggest you get an Islamic perspective of Jannah by either asking your local imam or knowledgeable ppl or getting some books like "The description of jannah" that i saw somewhere. What we know of jannah is only from Quran and Hadith, but Allah tells us "I have prepared for My righteous servants what no eye has ever seen nor ear heard nor any human being ever conceived of." (Hadith Qudsi-Bukhari &Muslim) and "No soul knows what delights of the eye are kept hidden from them of joy, as a reward for what they did." So how can anyone truly know what jannah is like until they've been there? And we know of course that both men and women will be rewarded for their deeds. Since as we know that everyone's desires will be fulfilled in jannah I don't see what the big deal is about? If women want male model companions then why wouldn't they get that? So what if houris are mentioned as a reward for martyrs in jannah? Do you ever wonder why Allah mentions that? Perhaps because those in combat in Islam are men and perhaps Allah mentions this to motivate them towards their reward. Allahu alam. But since Allah is our Creator I think He would know what motivates men. I wonder where this guy got his translations from. Many of the Quranic translators translate houris as pure companions and where he has "young boys" it is translated as youthful servants. I don't see why he takes it upon himself to specify genders. His whole disgusting spiel on homosexuality makes no sense. It is completely Haram (forbidden) in Islam. Anyways, even if I had time I wouldn't write back to missionaries like him that are all over the newsgroups. These people have a job to do and it's to make Islam look bad and to make Muslims look stupid and confused. I think instead of writing back in debate after debate (which is exactly what they want) we should be doing things that are more productive. We have a whole next generation of the ummah that is completely uneducated and will likely fall even more prey to these missionaries than we are. Just my opinion :) However if you feel the need to write back then go ahead... do some research on your own and find out about these things. Look up the verses he mentions, find out what this "jannah of muhammad(saw)" is all about. If it takes missionaries to push us to learn about our deen then hey... that could be a good thing. Don't leave any lingering doubts either. Make sure you could respond to anything he or others say. The only way to do this is learning more and more about Islam on your own.

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