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Can I link/use/copy/steal the pictures/articles/graphics/html/java from your homepage?

If you ever do a view source on many of the pages you get a message that looks something like this: "This page was painstakingly written by me Copying it is rather silly, redundancy is rather non-cool and unhelpful to others. There is alot of information on Islam on the Web. Focusing on one particular aspect or issue in detail, or doing new things would be alot more beneficial for everyone. If you have any comments, suggestions or questions, please contact me." So basically you can link to any of the pages. That's fine. Do not link to the graphics and do not copy any of the pages themselves. There are many sites with Islamic images you can use on your homepage. Islamic resources on the net really, really need to expand. We do not need pages that have the same articles or information over and over again. Also, many times there have been corrections, updates by the author or other additions to the articles over the years. But if someone copied them before, the articles might still have the mistakes in them, so always link to the original source.

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