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I am looking at your site trying to see if (muslim) is for me? I know absolutely nothing about and If I were to start were do I begin!!!!! I believe in a higher power! But I am a lost soul right now! Would you be as kind and tell me where to begin if I do decide to take the journey!

A good place to start is with your intention. Do you really want to look for the truth? And if you find it will you be willing to change your life to follow the truth? If you find it will you be able to accept something as the truth and start practicing it, regardless of what others, your family and friends say etc? Are you really going to have an open mind about searching, learning about other religions and cultures or are you looking at everything through your old framework? Once you say to yourself, Ok I'm going to seriously study all these religions with an open mind and try to see what is right and if I do find what is right I will try to follow it, you're ready to begin. Islam is a very open way of life. As Muslims we know its the truth so we don't have any problem with people researching other religions and so on to try to decide which one is right. So start out and learn about the basics of Islam, what it teaches, what are the beliefs. Who is this Muhammad person. What kind of message did he bring that 1.2 billion people follow him today. that american writers name him the most influential person in history. How can all these people follow him and oppress women and commit terrorist acts etc. This religion is a mystery. Remember to leave everything you thought/heard/watched on TV behind. If you're truly studying a religion you're not going to go to the enemies, propogandists, missionaries or even look at what people of this religion do today. Sometimes they are following their religion sometimes they aren't. How do we know? We need to look at the religion itself. We can begin by studying what the faith of Islam is. What are the 5 pillars every Muslim must do? What are the 6 pillars of faith? Read books and introductions to Islam written by Muslims. Once you have the basic beliefs of the religion itself down, you can go on to study the primary sources itself. Muslims consider the Quran to be to the Word of God. You would think that if 1/5 of the planet followed this book and thought it was the word of God, ppl would want to know what it says. So get one and read it. Find a book that has some Hadith (the second primary source in Islam), traditions of the prophet Muhammad. Read some of those. Take a visit to a local mosque, Muslim students' association, Islamic center. Seek out some active Muslims and ask them questions about things you don't understand or don't seem right. Once you've done all that and know what the true message of Islam is, you can make your choice. Remember that you're trying to decide if Islam is the truth, ie from God, not if you personally can actually go without alcohol, wear hijab or follow any of the rulings. If there was a God, wouldn't he send down guidance to us? If so, does this religion seem like its from God? Is the Quran from God? Does it seem to have things that are beneficial to humanity. Out of all the religions, ways of life out there, does this seem right? I think its only fair to yourself to check out Islam. And I mean if you don't think it's right that's find. But you owe it to yourself to find out.

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