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Jannah.org is an informational website on Islam. We are a non-profit public website with no affiliation to any particular Islamic group or party. Based in the U.S., we hope to provide information, articles, resources and support on Islam to all those who seek it.

Philosophy.. to be...

The philosophy of this website is to present Islam in a positive manner without delving into politics, polemics or negativity. We want to provide help and support to Muslims who want to learn and practice more. For non-Muslims we want to provide information about the theology, spirituality and uniqueness of Islam. Our goal is not to convert anyone, but for everyone to learn more about Islam and understand what it's truly about. What better way than to learn from other Muslim adherents of the faith instead of misconceptions or stereotypes.

Philosophy.. not to be...

Too often as Muslims we are always on the defensive (especially after 9/11) or spend a lot of time comparing Islam with other religions or trying to show how Islam is right and those religions are wrong. We also find ourselves focusing on trying to bring new people to Islam, but forget all the Muslims out there who sincerely need our help and support.

Your contributions...

You can post your articles, resources or ideas on our forums. You can also send us feedback, suggestions and ideas via our email.

No I mean monetarily?

How nice, we only accept credit cards and paypal. Just kidding :) Alhamdullah we are doing fine.

Our history.. the beginning...

In 1995 I was a student in university working in the computer user rooms. In between helping out luckless students try to recover their thesis to disk, I put together my first homepage. :) If you can remember way back then, the address was http://www.albany.edu/~ha4934. I had noticed while surfing on lynx (the first web browser text only!) there wasn't much information on Islam out there. This first homepage was a single page of text articles on basic Islamic topics.

Over time I added more articles that people would send, I would find or even type up excerpts of interest myself. Soon I had little sections like 'information', 'resources', 'articles', 'Muslim women', 'teachers n kids', and as more and more sites on Islam developed, a 'kewl links' section.

After Mosaic (the first graphical browser) arrived, I added some small graphics and audio. These little sections then developed into pages in themselves, "Muslim Woman's Homepage", "Kewl Muslim ppl", "Mama-List of Islamic links", "Resources on Islam", "Cool Audio-visual" and so on. Around this time we added a link to our own hosted BBS, which was our first message board and a little community was born.

On October 19, 1998, the Jannah.org domain was registered, the name coming from the nickname/username I always used while online and also meaning 'Paradise' or 'The Garden'.

Over the years the website has grown and changed. New pages were added and taken away, new mini-sites within developed, new designs and web technology used. We have had so many people over the years helping with our web hosting, programming, editing, sending articles, writing code, moderating and administering.

Our message board grew from a simple BBS to a thriving online forum. 9/11 brought with it a huge amount of new interest, responses and interactivity. The years that followed were full of many contributions, new friends, and an explosion of online Islamic activity. In 2006 a new domain themadina.com was added to host the online forum, in 2007 a blog was added and in 2009 halfmydeen.org a forum on marriage was created.

I hope this website has been beneficial to all who have used it. I am so thankful to the many contributors and supporters of the site over the years. Please forgive me for not updating more often, being consistent or doing more.

All credit and thanks is due to Allah. Only the mistakes have been mine.


Feb. 22, 2009

Safar 27, 1430